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Data Center

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

ACES is the authorised partner of EATON to provide the Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software that provide a clear, complete and unified view of data centre infrastructure. Eaton’s Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution is an intuitive power management software that provides business intelligence by monitoring both IT and facilities power infrastructure, this HTML5-based platform features capabilities designed to reduce data centre operational expenses, improve system and application reliability and mitigate risk through data analysis.

- 3D visualization and monitoring
- Custom reporting and dashboards
- Integrated floor layout and rack building tool
- Environmental monitoring and more
- Graphical 3D interface to all relevant data
- Including mobile devices
- Device Management
- Capacity management and planning
- Asset, warranty & service schedule information
- Port mapping with root cause and impact analysis

- One-line diagrams
- Document Repository: POs, MOPs, drawings, etc.
- Links to web interfaces and 3rd party tool cartridges
- Device Monitoring
- Scalable
- Calculation engine for standard & custom metrics
- Advanced reporting
- Alerting & control

▮ DCIM Architecture

For data visibility & increasing efficiency of Data centers


▮ cybersecurity Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

▮ Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) –Eaton/Delta

ACES is the authorised partner of Eaton and Delta to provide back-up power UPS, or uninterruptible power supply from 10KVA to 500MVA. We provide the latest high efficiency UPS systems offering both transformer-based and transformer less as well as single & three phase UPS systems with advanced eco-modes running to 99% efficiency and the latest modular UPS technologies.

ACES is to deliver high quality, reliable back-up power for everything, environmentally friendly power solutions from network closets and server rooms to enterprise and co-location data centres.

▮ BUSWAY Solutions

ACES has relationship with major Busway manufacturer and can offer Busbar energy distribution systems which can meet all power requirements in modern Data Centers and critical buildings.

Our Busways are full modular configuration. Power is distributed via isolated bars within a sheet metal or aluminium enclosure and is safely distributed using tap-off boxes which can be plugged in and out safely from tap-off outlets along the length of the Busbar without interrupting the power supply to other equipment supplied by the same Busbar.

Below are the specifications, ACES can support:

- It is available in sizes from 160 amps up to 1000 amps.
- Medium Voltage Busbar - Low Voltage Busbars


ACES has the good understanding with major AC/DC smart power panel manufacturers to make an ordinary circuit breaker panel that converts it to a smart circuit breaker panel, also known as a smart home electrical panel.

Smart Panels make regular circuits responsive to things like grid outages, solar production, battery state of charge, electricity pricing and even schedules that can improve home efficiency. Through automation, smart breaker panel can help homeowners make informed decisions about their energy use.

The SMART power distribution panel is designed for applications that require both local and remote monitoring, as well as alarm management of the individual load unit parameters, including the voltage, current, power and energy consumption.

▮ Intelligent PDUs (iPDU’s)

With the cost of power rising dramatically and increased uncertainty of global power availability, all levels of corporate management are now more focused than ever on managing and conserving energy.

ACES is providing intelligent Power Distribution Unit (iPDU™) incorporates advanced technology configured to provide final circuit current, power and energy monitoring down to individual server rack level. Alarms, status diagnostics, and essential measurements are also integrated to ensure effective critical power management.

Intelligent PDUs provide IT staff the ability to monitor the power consumption of any given server, storage unit or other IT device, which is helpful to identify those that are underutilized or identify those that are approaching or exceeding their normal high range of usage. There is also the ability to monitor and control the data center power load at the facility level.

▮ Remote Power Panel (RPP)

ACES offers several styles of RPP designs to suit every Data Center design requirement. Panel boards and monitoring are offered from major vendors to ensure compatibility with client requirements.

We understand the need to have a flexible and reliable system that can still be able to be deployed to the field quickly. To fill that need, we have designed an adaptable modular system that allows us to cost-effectively build a wide range of solutions in a short amount of time.

These RPPs are ideal for any load distribution scenario with systems ranging from 42-circuits with no monitoring all the way to 168-circuits with revenue grade monitoring on each circuit.


ACES and partner brings in data center design and construction to bear in creating a customized Modular Data Center solution that is perfectly suited to your application and site requirements. Our dedicated Project Manager works hand-in-hand with your team to ensure your Modular solution comes in on schedule and on budget.

Sometimes building a permanent data center isn’t the right fit to meet the needs of your business. Our Modular Data Center solution offers you the same high quality and reliability of a fixed facility, but with the greater flexibility of a modular solution.

We design, deploy, maintain and operate purpose built modular data centers. Our modular data centers contain the critical infrastructure businesses have come to expect. From quarter rack to 1MW our turnkey solutions deliver the flexibility, consistency and demands.

▮ EDGE Data Center Solution

Our Edge Data Center solutions are designed and deployed to meet our customers individual needs at the Edge. We have a multitude of custom size and capacity options to satisfy a diverse number of data center industry.

Every Edge Data Center deployed by ACES has been meticulously planned with our customers ensuring their business and computing needs are met. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver rugged, reliable and resilient data centers to wherever our customers’ needs may lead.

Critical power (primary and backup), distribution, fire monitoring, security, and cooling in an all-in-one edge solution.

99.9% uptime providing exceptional performance, with 24/7/365 monitoring solution.

▮ Liquid Immersion Cooling System

Data centre cooling technology has evolved from cooling the whole room to cooling rows – and now racks of servers. Bringing the heat exchange closer to the heat source has helped improve efficiency and cooling capacity.

When you’re ready to bring liquid immersion cooling for data centers to your operation, look no further than ACES, we have the partners to provide you single and two phase Immersion Cooling System.

The Next-Level Cooling Solution: Saving 90% Cooling Energy.

No extra power usage from fans and much less from air condition

▮ Rear Door Heat Exchangers (RDHx)

ACES and partner provides World's Most Efficient, Flexible and Cost-Effective Cooling Solutions for Today's Sustainable Data Centers.
The RDHx attaches to the back of most industry standard enclosures. Chilled water is fed to the specially designed coil inside the RDHx..
The rack-mount devices eject the hot exhaust air through the coil, transferring the heat to the water and ejecting cool air out of the RDHx..
The RDHx can be deployed in existing data centers or used as the basis of a cooling design. Designed to be adapted to many of the industry leading models of IT enclosures, the RDHx can be deployed most anywhere. Top- or bottom-feed designs give users flexibility for planning distribution of the chilled water.

▮ IoT Devices

The Internet of Things or IoT technology has taken the industry by storm, not only has it revolutionized home spaces but also now has major industrial applications leading to more productive and sustainable systems.

ACES and partner can provide IoT devices solutions used in the digital transformation of energy. These devices work with the energy intelligence platform to help track, control, and manage energy in areas where energy is produced, consumed, and distributed.

The intelligent devices creates the relevant data in the process of converting energy data into energy intelligence and transfer it to the energy intelligence platform.

▮ Smart Power Meters

Electricity metering systems measure energy consumption, monitor its quality and communicate this information from meter to concentrator or cloud, so that utilities can better manage the use of energy by means of load management.

Real-time reporting of electricity measurement improves consumer awareness leading to waste reduction thus lower expenses. The results are lower costs, higher reliability, reduced tampering and carbon emissions.

ACES and partner’s Smart Meter measures the consumption of your devices or your entire home. Save energy and lower your bills by tracking energy consumption from your smartphone.

▮ Data Center Robotics for operations

Robotics will never replace the need for unique human interaction within the data center. But robotics may help automate repetitive tasks, freeing up professionals to do bigger and better things, and thus boosting increase productivity.

ACES partner’s product is a rack-mounted robot for making physical optical connections. The idea is to let data centers rapidly provision circuits.

Its tool, called ROME (Robotic Optical Switch for Data Centers) performs connections in a few seconds. The robot manages the cable connections, plucking components mechanically, almost like an old-school telecommunications switchboard where the panel-inserted electrical cords established voice connections.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

ACES offers you various services in different areas.

▮ Energy Efficiency & Green Data Center Solution

Protecting the environment is one of ACES top priorities. We seek to be good stewards of the environment and the resources we consume. As leaders in data centre sustainability, we are leading by example and taking steps to minimise our carbon footprint and reduce our energy consumption.

Our purpose is to protect, connect and power a more sustainable digital world. We design, build and operate the data centres with high energy-efficiency standards and a long-term goal to maximise clean and renewable energy for our global platform.

Renewable energy is not only environmentally and socially responsible, it’s cost effective and cost reliable. Renewable energy costs are stable, so renewable energy costs can have long-term fixed contracts.

We continuously look for innovative ways to deploy energy-saving technologies and on-site generation solutions.

- Adaptive control systems
- ASHRAE thermal guidelines
- Cold/hot aisle containment
- Energy-efficient lighting systems
- High temperature chilled water set points

▮ Green Data Center Solution

Adaptive control systems using AI integration with DCIM:
Reduce power consumption and increase cooling capacity through active airflow management using intelligent, distributed sensors and innovative control policies.

ASHRAE thermal guidelines:
Reduce power consumption for cooling, while maintaining a safe operating temperature for computing equipment. ( 18 degree C to 27 degree C)

Cold/Hot aisle containment:
Lowers energy consumption and enables more efficient cooling by using physical barriers to reduce the mixing of cold air in data centre supply aisles with the hot air in exhaust aisles.

Energy-efficient lighting systems:
Use motion-activated controls and/or LEDs to reduce energy consumption and ambient heat from operating lights.

High temperature chilled water set points:
Improve our design and operational power usage effectiveness (PUE) values by raising the chilled water temperature to save energy.

▮ Data Center Robotics for operations

Improving equipment reliability prevents business disruptions and financial loss. Cleaning services in your data centre will ensure that sensitive IT areas are free from damaging particulates and conditions that will contribute to unexpected downtime.

ACES tailors to your needs by creating and implementing a variety of specialized services in controlled environments. Combining a multi-service approach to provide a clear path for optimization and efficiency. ACES scales to the size and scope of your facilities, which can include advanced national coverage.

− Computer Equipment Cleaning
− Data Center Optimization
− 24/7 Disaster Recovery Services
− Raised Floor Cleaning
− Ceiling Plenum Cleaning
− Post-Construction Cleaning
− Eco-Green Computer Cleaning
− Heat Management
− Underfloor Plenum Cleaning
− Zinc Whisker Testing and Remediation

▮ Data Center Certification

ACES is authorised partner of UTI, Uptime Institute’s Tier Standards and the associated certifications are the single most important investments you can make to assure that these resources directly support business needs.

Uptime Institute’s Tier Standard is the globally recognized standard for data center reliability and overall performance. It allows for various levels of performance to be chosen based on the intended applications and business parameters associated with those applications.

Uptime Institute’s Tier Standard Certification is the industry standard for Design, Construction, and on-going Operations.

Uptime Institute’s Tier Certification is helping enterprises, owners, and operators increase efficiency, reduce risk and cost, and meet the highest levels of infrastructure performance around the globe.

▮ Integration of IOT devices for real time monitoring.

ACES has expertise in all areas of IoT through our partnerships with industry-leading technology providers and expert IoT consultants that help with planning, implementing, optimizing and managing your IoT strategy.

Infrastructure integration: ACES can help you integrate Grey Space Equipment – the eyes and ears of your data insight – that measure parameters such as real time reading of grey space equipment, temperature and humidity, and detect vibration, Fault/Trouble, movement, weight, and more.

▮ Computational fluid dynamics simulation (CFD) Analysis

It’s very important that your data centre remains unaffected from hot spots. So we work closely with our CFD supplier to model and simulate your data centre airflow and design optimization needs

Our CFD analysis partner (CoolSim) is the most advanced data centre airflow modelling tool on the market today. A high-end graphical user interface allows for the setup of a data centre model. The air flow and temperature distribution are then calculated using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Finally, comprehensive reports, graphics and animations are generated automatically and can be viewed from CoolSim software or in a browser.


Fires in a server room or data center are a risk that can be mitigated against by installing a suitable suppression system and testing the room’s integrity. The aim of the testing is to ensure that a sufficient level of the fire suppression agent or gas is retained for a long enough period to extinguish the fire and prevent reignition. Fire suppression systems and their components are normally subject to annual maintenance by a certified fire engineer. The same should apply to room integrity testing and some organisations may be obliged to do so.

ACES offers Room Integrity Sealing Works for any server room or data center environment to assist in a successful Integrity Test.

We provide creative and practical solutions to 360 Degree Sealing, from Fire and Acoustical Caulking, Door Treatments, CMU Sealing, Acoustical Ceiling Treatments, Draft Stopping, and Drywall. We ensure draft containment for your Clean Agent Fire Suppression System. New installs to retro fits, and annual audits we can meet your 360 Degree Sealing contracting needs.

▮ Data center colocation services

ACES builds secure, reliable Tier III data centres in markets where such facilities have not previously been available. There is no longer a need to build and maintain your own data centres or to drive to the nearest major metropolitan area to get the colocation services your business needs.

With concurrently maintainable redundant power and cooling systems, resilient network connectivity over our private network and efficient cloud/physical storage in each facility, ACES protects your IT infrastructure and data at the edge and keeps it running.

Key Capabilities of our Data Centre Connectivity:

Concurrently maintainable dual path (A & B) power busses for greater resiliency

Tier III Data Centre Design with N+1 electrical and N+1 mechanical redundancy

Modular enclosures provide flexible space including half cabinets, full cabinets, and full pods – as well as densities up to 30kW per rack cabinet.

Remote Hands and Eyes services managed by on-site, in-house technicians for faster equipment reboots, circuit testing, cable and card replacements, and tape rotation.

24x7x365 manned security which includes CCTV monitoring and retention for data center perimeter, data center hall and cabinets

▮ The implementation of AI in the data center for energy conservation

ACES and Partner offers a cloud-based software platform that claims to leverage artificial intelligence to help clients optimize energy consumption. Designed for large commercial buildings and managers of enterprise facilities, the process begins with installation of IoT hardware.

Smart sensors are directly attached to the client’s electrical circuits to track energy consumption. The data captured by the sensors is sent to the cloud “securely over Wi-Fi” and is presented to the client on a dashboard which is accessible online 24/7.

Every appliance tends to have a unique electrical footprint, as a result the algorithms have been designed to be able to identify each unique energy source while still providing a comprehensive analysis of the captured by the smart sensor hardware.

▮ Renewable Energy solutions

Energy efficiency is one of the key missions of ACES and our renewable energy solutions help organizations increase energy security and independence, while reducing long-term energy costs and their environmental footprint.

We can help you upgrade buildings located miles away from traditional power sources using a variety of funding sources and utility rebates.

Our expertise spans many services and technologies including cogeneration, solar/photovoltaic, energy storage systems, geothermal, biomass, biogas and wind power.

ACES holistic approach to energy will help you maximize the savings and meet business goals with a balanced plan that supports your needs. key benefits of ACES Renewable solution,

− Energy-efficient Solutions
− Proven Expertise
− All-inclusive Approach

▮ Micro Grids System

ACES is the leading comprehensive building energy services provider, with a focus on renewable energy and efficiency, as an installing contractor, and as a consultant to businesses, non profits, and local governments. We have built a reputation for consistently delivering a high level of professionalism and expertise.

We provides software and business solutions to design, connect, and operate energy storage and microgrid systems. ACES suite of products creates an ecosystem where project developers, OEMs, financiers, and project operators can deploy advanced energy projects using a seamless hardware-agnostic software platform.

ACES Partner’s software actively manages megawatts of projects that are deployed around the world.

Energy empowers clusters of energy users to in-source and self-govern their own energy within an infrastructure that is integrated locally in peer-to-peer networks known as microgrids and that serves to provide less expensive, more reliable and cleaner electric power, heating and cooling.

▮ Smart and Energy Efficient BMS solutions

Our roots lies in the building energy controls sector, giving us unique insight into the technology that can make your buildings as efficient and intelligent as possible.

ACES specializes in providing solutions for very low voltage systems in a variety of fields:

Electricity: electrical panels, generators, electricity measurement units, UPS, fire detection,

Air-conditioning: energy centres (chillers, pumps, cooling towers, heat exchangers), air treatment units, air and smoke blowers, FC units, dampers.

Plumbing: pumps/drainage holes and cesspits, flooding sensors…

Room/area control: Data centres, office buildings, hotels, clinics, hospitals,

Indoor/Outdoor lighting: Data centres, factories, parking lots, neighbourhoods, cities, traffic routes, tunnels.

We utilise fully open protocol systems and services, standing apart from our competitors in a very closed sector to ensure openness and long-term value for our entire end-to-end solutions.

▮ LEED consultancy and solution

Projects that are focused on ensuring energy efficiency and reliability of buildings and places of business, desire to have a LEED certification.

We have LEED accredited consultants who have experience with projects across several markets who have earned LEED certification. We focus on finding you cost-effective solutions that deliver the best value and help you meet your sustainability goals.

Our team of LEED accredited professionals work with our clients throughout the certification process.

ACES sustainability LEED consultants will work with you throughout the LEED certification process. Through collaborations with owners, architect, contractors and other stakeholders, we aim to find cost-effective solutions that deliver the most value and best results. An advanced understanding of building science and sustainability.

Our company has a massive pool of experts as well as local teams who understand local and international laws regarding building construction and the necessary methods to help minimize environmental impact from the start of the project to the maintenance of the building.

▮ Electro Mechanical infrastructure for Smart buildings and smart city solutions

ACES is Saudi based company that specializes in electromechanical infrastructure for smart buildings and cities. Smart building interact with the people, systems and external elements around them.

A true “System of Systems” approach to solving the complex challenges of Smart building & Cities, brought to you by people who have been solving these problems in industrial automation for more than 20 years.

We empower infrastructure operators to deliver smart, safer, more reliable, more resilient, more sustainable, and more efficient services to the customers while minimizing risk and lowering total cost to operate.

From the very beginning we adopted a unique approach towards our clients, catering to their specific needs and delivering upon their expectations.

We are having highly qualified and experienced team for managing the works and for providing smart building solutions.

We strives to deliver the highest standards of MEP installation, carefully paying attention to our client’s ideas, collaborating in the development of the right scope of works.

▮ Smart Lighting Solution

Energy is valuable. It is what keeps the world going. As more and more enterprises adopt smart methods to save energy, lower will be their carbon footprint, and higher the savings. Achieving true operational efficiency needs grass root level changes in implementing efficient processes and systems across every aspect of business.

Smart Lighting Solutions rapidly evolved into the market. Our dedicated associates pledge to provide the highest levels of expertise and service. We provide intelligent lights enabling enhanced functionality delivering further energy savings above that of just LED lighting technology which are not only enhances living conditions and safety but also delivers a stronger and even more cost-effective.

− Our smart lighting solutions are below
− Smart IoT -Emergency Lighting
− Intelligent LED Lighting System
− Intelligent Lighting Control

▮ Certified Energy Efficient Data center Award (CEEDA)

We can provide an audited and certified evaluation of energy efficiency best practices within data centres with help of our partner Data centre Dynamics (DCD).

DCD audited evaluation process independently verifies key performance metrics such as Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) advanced metrics.

DCD have developed specific assessments for Colo, Enterprise and Telco data centres; for Greenfield designs and existing facilities, so that organizations can publicly demonstrate their energy efficiency best practices.

Below are some points:

− Globally recognized energy efficiency certification
− Independent verification of energy efficiency and sustainability metrics
− Recommendations for performance improvement
− Harmonization of best practices within and across your data centre teams

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