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Team Members

Board Members - Executive Management


Dr. Zeyad Alhekail

A recognized visionary credited with epic growth and financial performance in any CEO position he serves, over his 35-year career, Dr. Zeyad Alhokail proved to be an outstanding strategic growth driver. He held Chairman and member of Boards of Directors positions in various companies belonging to the public and private sector, during which he supervised and participated in diverse development projects, strategic planning, investment and restructuring, laying the foundations of corporate governance for large enterprises and closely supervising their implementation.

Dr. Zeyad is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of Advanced Communication and Electronics Systems Co. Ltd., and he either holds the Chairman position or a Board Member in many other large organizations such as Jabal Omar Development Company, Bank Al-Bilad, The Advanced Educational Company, Sulaiman Al-Rajhi Real Estate Investments company. Dr. Zeyad held also several positions at King Saud University, where he worked as Dean of Admission and Registration, an Undersecretary for Educational Affairs, and an Associate Professor in the Electrical Engineering Department. Dr. Zeyad holds a doctorate in Electrical Engineering from "Ohio State University", USA, and an MBA in electrical engineering from the same university.

Team Members - Middle | Support | Operational

Mohammed N. Mazher


Abdulkarim AlDabbagh


Khaja Mazheruddin

EM Manager

Zahid Mohammad

Data Center Manager

Mohammad Ali. Alnaamneh

Civil Manager

Hussam Al Zaaterah

Operations and Maintenance Manager

Hammam K. Abu Ajamieh

Integrated Security System Department Manager

Emad Nakhala

Support/Invoicing Department Manager

Ashraf Jebreel

IT & VAS Manager

Majid Ali Bakarman

HR Director

Adnan Manasara

Procurement Manager

Tarik Abdullkhaleq

Finance Manager

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