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Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions

“Smart and Safe cities” is a Framework terminology used to better combination of the use of existing assets, smart Information and Communication technologies (ICT), and data as a mean to solve, develop, and promote cities' sustainability challenges, monetizing assets, marketing the information gathered, energy usage or even better health and air quality, all to drive to better life, smart surrounding economic growth.

The big challenge of “Smart and Safe cities” is creating centralized intelligent and secured network of connected assets, objects, sensors, and machines, transmitting data, and exchanging information using wireless technology among the cities or even within the city to serve and help municipalities and enterprises to receive, analyze, and manage data in real-time for better and precise decision making and sustainable data driven towards improved quality of life for the Citizens.

And as the above is one of the core competences of ACES, we can help you to design, build, commission, operate, manage, maintain, and monetize your city.

Smart Solutions

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